Limited edition

The idea of RONCORONI1881 is to establish a Limited Editions collections project, called ESSENTIA, or, in other words, a series of furnishing items that are inspired by the cultural and architectural heritage of this historical archive, and that, by means of the skilful hands of highly-renowned contemporary interpreters working in the fields of architecture, interior design and luxury in general, create exquisite pieces.

These pieces will be produced in limited numbers only, different for each object, and will encapsulate the best cabinetmaking practices, rooted in the Company’s more than hundred-year tradition, the utilisation of precious materials, exceptionally high-level detailing, all possessing the functions that today’s potential user might require.

The market position of these creations will more closely resemble that of a work of art rather than that of a product, even if high-end but industrial, objects destined to be long- lasting, enhancing the synthesis between the tradition of the historical archive and the modernity of the contemporary, high-level reinterpretation.

A very selected number of international professionals decided to join the ESSENTIA project with the intent to create, year by year, new art pieces basing on the Historical Archive of RONCORONI1881.

Each object strictly produced in limited numbers due to the particularity of the processes and materials used.