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ROMO1881 S.r.l., fiscal code and VAT number 10673000963, with headquarter in Milan, Galleria del Corso n. 2 (“ROMO1881” or, also, the “Company”) works continuously to protect the online privacy of the users of the websites that refer or make reference to this privacy policy (the “Site”).
This document (“Cookie Policy”) supplements the broader Privacy Policy for the whole ROMO1881 site (the “Privacy Policy”), here available and at the bottom of the page, with detailed information about the cookies used by the site.


Cookies are small text files stored by the sites you visit on your computer or mobile device and then transmitted to the sites on your next visit. Sites use cookies to remember your activity and preferences (e.g. login data, selected language, font size and other display settings and etc.), so that you do not need to indicate them again the next time you visit the site or when you navigate between pages on the same site. Cookies are therefore used for authentication, session monitoring and storage of information relative to user activity and can also contain a unique identification code that makes it possible to track user navigation within the site for statistical and advertising purposes. While navigating a site, cookies from sites or web servers different from the one you are visiting can send cookies to your computer (“third party” cookies).
Some operations cannot be completed without cookies, which are therefore in certain cases a technical necessity for the functioning of the site.
There are various types of cookies, differing in features and functions, and they can remain on your computer for different periods of time: session cookies, which are automatically deleted when you close your browser, and persistent cookies, which remain on your device until a predetermined date.
As per the applicable regulations, your express consent is not always requested for the use of cookies.
In particular, “technical cookies” usually do not require consent, being used solely to transmit a message on an electronic communication network or to the degree strictly necessary for supplying a service explicitly requested by the user. These are, in other words, cookies that are indispensable for the site to function or necessary for carrying out user requests.
Whereas in the case of “profiling cookies”, the ones used to create user profiles and to send advertising messages based on the preferences revealed during site navigation, the user’s consent is usually required first, depending on the applicable regulations.


The following types of cookie can be disabled on the Site, with the exception of third-party cookies, for which you would need to use the methods for disabling and enabling cookies indicated following the relative links:

  • Technical navigation and session cookies are strictly necessary for the site to function or for the use of site content and requested services.
  • Analytic cookies make it possible to understand how the site is being used. These cookies do not collect Personal Data or information about your identity. The information is processed in anonymous, aggregate form.
  • Functionality cookies are used to activate certain Site functions and a series of selected criteria (e.g. language) in order to improve site performance.
  • Profiling cookies are used to send advertising messages based on the preferences revealed through your site navigation.

The Company also uses third-party cookies, which are cookies managed by sites or web servers other than its own and used by the third parties for their own ends, which can include profiling. These third parties, which are listed below with links to their privacy policies, are typically independent data controllers of the information collected through the cookies or data officers who work for the company (that is, they process Personal Data for it).
In particular, the Site has ‘social plugins’ for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These are parts of the page generated directly by the third-party sites and integrated into the host site. Social plugins are most commonly used for sharing content on social networks.
The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from the third-party sites. Management of the information collected in this way is regulated by their respective privacy policies, which we encourage you to consult. In the interest of greater transparency and
convenience, the following is a list of web addresses for information about the relevant third parties’ cookies.
As for third parties that send cookies through the Site, we have also included a list of links to their respective privacy policies:


The following is a detailed list of the cookies sent by the Company through the Site.
wordpress_test_cookie – is used to check if the cookies are enabled on the browser to provide appropriate user experience to the users
wordpress_[hash] – is used to store the authentication details on login
wordpress_logged_in_[hash] – is used to indicate when you are logged in
wp-settings-{time}-[UID] – is used to customize the view of your admin interface and the front-end of the website
wp-wpml_current_language – is used to store language settings


You can block or delete (entirely or partially) technical and functionality cookies directly through your browser.
Please note, however, that withholding authorization of technical cookies might make it impossible to use the Site, view content and use the relative services.
Blocking functionality cookies might cause some services or particular Site functions to be unavailable or function incorrectly and you might need to manually change or enter some information or preferences every time you visit the Site.
Choices made relative to the Site’s cookies will be stored in turn in a special cookie. This cookie might, however, sometimes function incorrectly; if this happens, please delete the cookie and block it from being used, through your browser.
Your preferences regarding cookies will be reset if you use different devices or browsers to access the Site.


You can authorize, block or delete (entirely or partially) cookies directly through your browser.
The following links provide more information about setting your cookie preferences through your browser:
Internet Explorer
You can also manage third-party cookies using an online platform such as AdBlock, Disconnect, Privacy Badger.


blocking technical and/or functionality cookies might render the Site unusable or cause some services or particular Site functions to be unavailable or function incorrectly, and you might need to manually change or enter some information or preferences each time you visit the Site.